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Tuesday, 15 December 2009



Slam -nice originals - Dantons instrumental is cool
Nicole Moudaber (Viva / Plastic City)- - Lower Than, Original Mix wins here. full support !
Patrice Baumel - (Get Physical) Loving the Danton Eeprom mixes...apocalyptic and just plain scary. Nobody else plays that corner better than him.
Patrick Bateman - very nice release, going to play this one for sure
Tom Demac - Danton Eeprom 'edit' for me, thanks!
Jennifer Cardini - like danton's remix
Boris Horel (Supernature / Freak n' Chic)- - i like Danton's more trippy /relax approch . nice work
Jared (My Favorite Robot) - Really like Danton's work. love the bassline in his remix. will download. nice one.
Chris Fortier - danton is cool on here
Glimpse- I like the Danton Remix's
Sei A- Danton remix here is great, brings out the original perfectly. Factory is also great. Thanks A
Emerson Todd (Dirty Bird)- i really like this intresting and cute
Leo Kabuto & Koji (Supernature / Kindisch) - late night goodies
Aaron Shim (Yello) -Killer break on FACTORY... think this is going to go down very well.
H.O.S.H -danton eeprom instrumental edit for me! thanx
Jubaï - Nice ep. Will play 'Lower Than (Danton Eeprom edit) & 'Factory'
Nils Nürnberg (8-Bit / Dynamic) -- 'Lower Than' has a really nice groove. Brings in a nice dark atmosphere into my sets... CheersTill Von Sein -- dantons mix is cool..t
Pol_On (Mothership / Freerange) -- nice release ..
Nhar (Mobilee) -Danton remix is great ! .
Koljah -The Eeprom Instr. sounds interesting...
Monika Kruse -. I like the instrumental edit!
Daniel Sanchez - Lower Than is a great track!
Brendon Moeller - yeah, not bad at all! :)
Jon Howell (We Love....) - definitely a release to be played at those twisted dark after type affairs.
Gwen Maze (Supernature) - really good Ep ! love the originals and danton edits
Eric Borgo (Tsuba) -danton is the only one doing that dark music that's doing it for me..thks will play
Arno Gonzalez –- Factory for me here..; Nice groove.. Danton Eeprom instru is nice too.. Thanks.. I WILL PLAY !
People Get Real (wax:on) -Really liking the Danton Eeprom edits... great stuff Nils Lausund- Nils Noa / Lot49 Factory is crazy. LOVE it

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