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"it all makes for another interesting EP from fullbarr, which we're following more avidly with each release"- MIXMAG, feb 2012

Friday, 18 July 2014


New Vinyl - 008 Andy Ash

After a long, long  wait, we present the first glimpse of the new vinyl release.  hitting shops later , you can pre-order via our distribution company Rubadub or directly with us. info.fullbarr@gmail.com

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead [1979]

Tuesday is good for listening to post punk from 1979....


Minimal Man...

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


DJ Koze - Amygdala (Roman Flügel Remix)

DJ Koze, Roman Flugel , Pampa Records...No more need be said??....

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Field Trip 15-17th August

Another new festival has arisen and this time its from a group of mates of ours and only a short journey from Leeds The line up looks cracking and if I'm honest i think its going to be rather mental!


M5 - Celestial Highways

Classic from Gerald Mitchell

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Bobby O'Donnell - Bridich (Strobewax)

As part of the upcoming ONE ILLUSION party in Barcelona on THURSDAY 12TH JUNE 2014, a few of the Artists who are playing at the event are making some of their tracks / edits available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

This first one is from one of our favs Bobby O'Donnell

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Delano Smith - Twilight

One of my favourite artists has to be this guy.... Delano Smith. Hailing from Detroit his career kicked off in the late 70s.

He has had a slue of classic releases's and now releases his 2nd Album "Twilight" on Sushitech.

A must check for those into deeper.

Monday, 12 May 2014


Hot out of Dresden :Jacob Korn

His records always crop up in my sets, Dresden based Jacob Korn part of the Uncanny Valley family and is on fire...

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Watergate 16 - La Fleur

We are delighted to announce that Hans Berg " Machines" will feature on Watergates infamous Mix CD.

01. Matthias Meyer – Miss Appre Gate (Beatless Version) – Watergate Records (exclusive track) 02. Of Norway – Trust In The You Of Now – Watergate Records (exclusive track)
03. Casino Times – 202Club – Watergate Records (exclusive track)
04. Show-B – Dem Atmos – Watergate Records (exclusive track)

05. Dj Sprinkles – Grand Central Pt. 1 (Deep Into The Bowel Of House) (MCDE Bassline Dub) – Mule Musiq
06. La Fleur – Stella – Watergate Records (exclusive track)
07. Peace Division – Seriously Twisted – Low Pressings

08. Andrea Parker – Too Good To Be Strange – Touchin' Bass Records 09. La Fleur – Arms Around – Watergate Records (exclusive track)
10. Johannes Volk – Glare – Tief Music
11. Miss Kittin – What To Wear (SPN Rmx) – wSphere/Wagram Music 12. Quantum Entanglement – Acid Thunder – Vakant

13. Hans Berg – Machines – Fullbarr
14. Sunday Brunch – No Resistance – Svek
15. Laurent Garnier – Flashback (Video Mix) – F Communications 

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Red Lights...

Red Light Radio is based in a former prostitution window located in the red light district in Amsterdam, co-founded by Orpheu de Jong.

For us its one of the best online radio stations around showcasing everything from rock and roll , experimental folk to the beloved cutting edge house and techno.

Go delve the archives on their Soundcloud or go listen or watch live...

Tuesday, 21 January 2014



For those who don’t Bobby O'Donnell, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Bobby O'Donnell. I live in Leeds, hail from Blackpool and I'm a Gemini.

You have been stalwarts of the music scene in Leeds for some years, how has it changed musically for you? Has it been a positive shift in direction in terms of tastes/styles/clubs?

I think living in Leeds has introduced me to different styles of music but nothing has changed, I still like music that is soulful in its ways and that can cover all genres, tempos etc. It's just the music I make and play has a certain functionality to it now. That's due to a djing context more than anything. It's definitely a positive thing.

Tell me about your long association with Mint Club? What makes the Mint brand so good?

The Mint Club is pretty much part of the wallpaper in Leeds now, the club has been going for ages and long may it continue! It's just one of those special places to go and lose your mind, body and dignity in. I'm associated with it due to me being good friends with Shane and the people who run System. They're really sound and they have given me a massive opportunity by letting me play records there. The Mint brand is so good because they go the extra mile whenever they put on an event. Both clubs sound systems are testament to how much they care about getting it right.

You have recently started your label, Strobewax apart from Fullbarr what else has inspired you?

Just Fullbarr mate. Seriously though, I am more inspired by seeing someone excel in his or her chosen field. While I obsessively listen to and respect a lot of people who make and release music, I tend to try to not be inspired too much by other musicians and record labels, as it often breeds an unhealthy sense of competition and can ultimately lead to imitation. I find it best to clear my head and try to do my own thing. I'm probably more inspired by Chris Morris, Steve Coogan and Armando Ianucci.

What interesting things have you got coming up?

I have a release on Catch Recordings coming very soon, which I’m really happy with. It's got a proper nice remix by our good friend Bob Barker. I'm doing the next Strobewax release, which just went to cut - It will be out early February - and Fred P has chosen my tune, 'The Shards of Our Childhood' to put on the 'Selected' compilation for his Boards label, which is out 28th January. To say that I am happy with that would be a complete understatement. I have long been into his music, so for him to want to use mine is completely humbling.

3 tracks that won’t leave your box?

Rick Wilhite - Vibes - New And Rare Music on Rush Hour VA –

Earth Tones 2 on Soul People Music

Vakula - Leleka 2 on Leleka

Finally tell us a funny story?

My Dad was behind the M.A.R.S./Acid House piss-take/pub singing cover 'Pump Up The Bitter' as Star Turn On 45 Pints. It bothered the charts in 1989 and he was on Top Of The Pops. He also wrote a lot of credible disco stuff. It's more of an amusing anecdote than an incredibly funny story. 

Friday, 27 December 2013



Now then...it's been a while since we have done one of these! Considering it's nearly the dawn of a new year we thought it best to give you a little breakdown of some of the beats we have been battering in the last 12 months! 

Whether they have been released this fine year or not, they have certainly done unmistakeable damage whenever we have had the pleasure of playing them out.

Vinalog - Rework

Not exactly the tune we wanted to post as it wouldn't let us, but to be fair there is too many bombs from this artist so this will have to do! Basically Anything Vinalog have put out is techno GOLD. Vinalog AKA John Swing has been a mainstay in our record box for tiiiime so it is only right that we include this cheeky little groover.

DJ Fettburger & DJ Speckgürtel - Speckbass (CLICK FOR BEATS) 

This is undeniably going to be a future classic...you heard it hear first. Check that bassline. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Ste Waite - James Dean

This unbelievably creative, yet supremely elusive character is someone who you may or may not see a lot more of in 2014...for now though, check this quirky little number...

Abstract Thought - Consequences Of Cloning

The unmistakeable sound of Drexciya...Gerald Donald and James Stinson do their thing. This one has been a mainstay in every set we have played time and time again. Nothing more to say really...BOMB!

Metamatics - Vanishing Point

Finally...this is something that has given a couple of the lads in the Fullbarr camp some serious joy this last year. A serious underground bomb from 1998, yet it still sounds so fresh to this day. Metamatics, take a bow.

From everyone at Fullbarr, we hope you enjoy this little rundown of our favourite beats...whether it be from the present or the past, it is always a pleasure to share the wealth. 

Happy new year to you all and keep your eyes and ears peeled in 2014. 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013



The super talented Space Dimension Controller is give away a free track on his Website


Daphne - When You Love Someone


Friday, 15 November 2013


Butter Side Up..

Now this article could be rather bias as Butter Side Up is run by some very close dear friends. But that aside, Butter Side Up is on of the freshest underground nights to develop in Leeds for a while, having recently celebrated their 3rd birthday with none other than a 6 hour Theo Parish set just goes to show how far they have come. Floating Points, Hunee, Cottam and that wild card San Proper have all graced the decks of Wire.

BSU TV Episode 11 - Summer / Autumn 2013 from Butter Side Up on Vimeo.

They pretty much tick all the boxes for a perfect club night, With the excellent residents and guest selections creating a setting that inspires people to dance and have fun on an engaged dance floor. The small intimate capacity of Wire is also a factor in the success..With BSU Its not about packing as many people in as possible, [which on several occasions could have easily been done] its about letting the dance floor breath & people to vibe, amd also some super cool branding.
It attracts a mixed bunch of clubbers, some are super knowledgeable & some just getting into the music but all wanting to have fun.

BSU could easily see £££'s and move away into a bigger venue within the next year, but somehow I can't see this happening, why take away that intimate, friends vibe they have so carefully created. Here's to the future,,

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Beyond Therapy Released Digitally

After a rather stagnated summer of release's due to various factors, we finally drop more club bombs from Luke Solomon. The digital of the Beyond Therapy EP.

Locodice "Crash beat is my Fav"

Seth Troxler - hoover bag like woah!!!

Delano Smith Peaktime heaters! Excellent!

Mr G - solid ep.....

Axel Boman Really like this!!! especially the crash beat track. thanks!!

Go to Beatport.com Get These Tracks Add This Player


Label : Permanent Vacation [Munich]

Friday, 4 October 2013


Unknown Artist ‎– Flöte + Clarinette

This vinyl is often played in our house, two a superb tracks from a while ago, they are untitled but rumour has it Pedro and Rhadoo are behind them.



Hans Berg_ Fullbarr Video

Ok so a look back when Hans made his UK debut at Flux and also made some tunes in my Kitchen.

Hans Berg - Fullbarr from Fullbarr on Vimeo.

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Thursday, 3 October 2013


Psyche - Neurotic Behavior


Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Lo Shea The Don

Liam O'Shea aka Loshea hailing from Sheffield caught me eye a while back with 2 superb EPs i grabbed on his Seaghdha label afer a few more hes back with this super super 12"


Friday, 20 September 2013


Luke Abbott - Brazil

Luke Abbott is an producer from my lovable Norwich, had to pick this track out from him which appears on his Holkham Drones album on the super cool Border Community Label.
Brazil has all the Signature Border Community sounds super track!!

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013


"diplomatic disco"

Some crazy ass drum patterns , and laden with darkish synths hovering around, really my cup of tea, sounds great on a big system this coming from Steve "Bear Funk" Koteys Ambassadors Reception Label.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Use Me Lowtec

An oldie here from Laid but this does the job for deep grooves.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Fresh beats from Fullbarr mainstay...HANS BERG

We are extremely happy to feature a stellar release from our very own Swedish son Hans Berg on Klasse Recordings. Teamed with fellow Swede native Johanna Knutsson, they have systematically combined forces and created two sublime electronic cuts of the more melodic variety.

'Donka' chugs along like a Scandinavian steam train rolling into a smoke filled techno sweatbox situated in only the grittiest parts of the Warehouse rave community. 'Mosquitoes', on the other hand, fervently blends a hazy concoction of deep, floating synth lines whilst keeping things interesting with a pulsing backbone of percussion and sub-bass goodness. Both are certainly a treat on the eardrums. 

With two remixes from Bristol native October and another Swedish export in the form of Joel Alter, this will certainly be a worthy addition to anyones record bag.

Check the preview right here.. 

Clear vinyl and digital release will be on 26th October 2013.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Flux Closing Party Video..

A wicked night and was great to have Hans over for hus UK debut..here is how it went down!


Slices Vist Trouw

One of our favorite Cities Amsterdam is home to one of our favorite clubs Trouw

In this Video from Slices Olaf Boswijk Founder of Trouw talks about the many uses and how it began.

Monday, 8 April 2013


Fullbarr Package £21

A little offer on the table here to get 4x vinyl and the digital remix compilation for £21 + P &P.

Only 10 packs available.

Titles included Original and remixes from Immer, Samaan, Jan Tenner, Kris Wadsworth, Vince Watson, Hans Berg, Luke Solomon, Losoul, Kalabrese



Thursday, 28 February 2013



Ok so when I got offered a really poor quality teshno t-shirt the other week in a dark underground dancing venue the last person I expected it to be Kristan Caryl handing them out.

But i really thought id give his old blog a shout..the teshcast series [for which I am a past contributor] has really been so solid and for me really sticks out over the drones of standard podcast series that are available for your ears. I did an interview with him earlier in the blog HERE

My current fav....

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Luke Solomon is back......

Well i must say its a proud moment for me, a lot of things coming together to make this release so special , its not often you can work with a very respected genius underground house producer and a personal inspiration through his classic record label.

So for number 007 i introduce again Mr Luke Solomon to Fullbarr

Norm Talley - CrashBeat for me! Soundin Klassic to me:)

Erol Alkan  great , thanks!!

Appleblim  raw jackin niceness, will defo be playing these out!

Norm Talley CrashBeat for me! Soundin Klassic to me:)

Midland Crash beat and Hoover Bag for me, got a kind of UK Funky feel which is great.

Toby Tobias this is a BADBOY EP great one Luke x

Droog Heavy beats and wicked bass. Good stuff here.

Gavin Herlihy Very cool release.. all in the bag for club play

Loco Dice - Crash Beat is my fave

Franck Roger -crash beat is my fav, excellent ep

Seth Troxler - hoover bag like woah!!!

Art Department  nice one luke good groovy techno

Jacques Renault  cool tracks! gonna test these out for sure

Delano Smith Peaktime heaters! Excellent!

Axel Boman really like this!!! especially the crash beat track. thanks!!

Friday, 25 January 2013



OK  here is an amazing chance to remix one of Dixon's favorite tracks of 2012, released on Vinyl only last year is the super "MACHINES" track from Hans Berg, also on the package was Ed davenport and the great Immer.

The Winner will feature on a special compilation with some very hot producers indeed.

To enter hit me an email for the parts djarthurbarr@hotmail.co.uk

Monday, 14 January 2013


Music that makes sense #3




Just to keep you going...

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Sublime business from Amsterdam...

Simon Weiss has long been a favourite of ours with his first two outings on Rush Hour, 'Amsterdam Wave' on the end of year 'All Stars Compilation' and a solo EP, contained some of the finest house and techno cuts that we have leant our ears too over the last couple of years. This third offering, an extremely well crafted 10", encapsulates an air of melancholic beauty drawing inspiration from Fritz Lang's 1920's sci-fi epic 'Metropolis'. Teamed with a group of like-minded photographers and graphic designers, Weiss has managed to create something that not only tells an excellent story of their own views on a dystopian society, it is also extremely innovative and thought provoking. The complete EP also comes with a handprinted photo and graphic blueprint from the other members of the design team...Neat.

We wholeheartedly look forward to the future offerings Simon has up his sleeve. Check the full EP below.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Music That Makes Sense #2




A bit of sleaze for y'all..



Something that caught our eye this week was a seriously cheeky release from a local Leeds lad, James Barnsley. This whole EP is a real treat, solid groovin' house. Enjoy;` 


MRSK + Skudge = Cool.

A Relatively new name to the scene, MRSK delivers some stomping goodness on Skudge Records...forthcoming March 2013..decent! This guy is certainly one to watch in the coming months!

While you're at it check out this delightful mix as well for TEA. It's an eclectic journey of broken beats with sub-heavy warmth and an added mixture of acid tinged house just to keep things interesting. 

Friday, 4 January 2013


We Like......

SCHERBE - Jardin Du Midi EP

Forthcoming on the suburb Uncanny Valley. deep awesomeness.


New release...

Immer - Quite baked as ol' ways it's a lovely balance 

Christopher Rau - "yes... i like!!!"

Norm Talley - "Original mix an Kris Wadsworth for me!! "

MR G - "lovely balance in deed solid ep"

Detroit Swindle - "Immer shuffles it sexy."

Eindhoven born Geert Schilder aka Immer has honed in on a raw, intricate sound over the past few years and has recently signed releases to the likes of Shewolf Music and his hometown based Klopfgeist, alongside the likes of Homepark,
Estroe, Shaun Reeves and Boris Werner, positioning Immer as a strong purveyor of underground house music.

Schilder returns to Fullbarr here following his remix of Hans Berg’s ‘Machines’, The now Leeds based imprint has made a heavy impact as of late releasing projects from Luke Solomon, LoSoul, Vince Watson and Kalabrese.
The release opens with ‘Quite Baked’, a stripped, low-slung cut that embraces loose, swung drums and rolling low-end rumbles. The record adapts to a simplistic hooky structure that allows subtle transitional periods to keep things captivating,
infusing a blend of gritty elements that gleam with analogue sparkles and warmth, resulting in a tasteful slice of rough and ready house music.

Next up is ‘As Ol’Ways’, taking things in a deeper direction with smooth Rhodes chords driving the melodic movement.

Immer implants his signature shuffled drum patterns on the track with methodical variations and retractions worked into the layout to ensure an evolving feel throughout. The latter stages introduce resonant filter sweeps; reverb bursts and
minute delays into the background depths further showing Immer’s ability to push the boundaries of creativity in his productions.

Lovely Balance’ follows, a percussive, groove led cut that’s built upon solid drum sounds and a cleverly sampled organ bass hook. Geert’s less-is-more approach takes the reins here, applying a fusion of hats, rim shots and claps to build the
bigger picture, the track builds to a peak where everything becomes filtered and lo-fi before reverting back to the punchy rhythm and riding out the rest of the track, simple yet contrastingly intricate at the same time. Immer delivers stylish house
music once again.

Closing the release is Detroit born Kris Wadsworth with his ‘Guess Who Remix’ of ‘As Ol’Ways’. Kris is notably known for
his work with Hypercolour, NRK and Get Physical. Here he employs his signature sound to ‘As Ol’Ways’ creating shuffling,
raw house with his trademark hooky synth stabs, scratchy chorus and filter modulations creep in throughout its duration

Saturday, 29 December 2012


What we dig... Amir Alexander

Every so often, after trawling through hours and hours of monotonous, boring, half assed attempts at what some people list as 'quality electronic music' you will eventually unearth that hidden gem. That tune you have been waiting for that justifies all that wasted time spent listening to mind-numbing synth lines. You know, the one you can't wait to share with your mates and champion it as your discovery until the cows come home. This is how we felt when our ears were introduced to Chicago underground hero Amir Alexander for the first time.

This guy oozes class and has an unbelievably unique style of his own. He has an unbelievable knack to lock you into a trance with his bubbling analogue concoction of neatly programmed beats, hypnotic, twisting basslines and space-age atmospherics all intertwined with the odd exquisitely warped vocal to fuck with your head. He's a pretty incredible DJ too so we've been told! Founder of one of our labels to watch in 2013, Vanguard Sound, just shows how much talent Amir has surrounded himself with. If you get the chance, check them out...seriously, these guys are good! In the last couple of years the Fullbarr camp have spent many an afterparty crowded into a smokey back room vibing off Amir's Chi-town goodness and we felt the need to share the wealth. 

We have put together a selection of Amir's slickest offerings for your aural pleasure.





Head on over to Amir's Soundcloud for all his forthcoming releases and his past material, it's well worth the listen.
If you want to catch a rare glimpse of Amir's incredible DJ skills in the UK then you are in luck if you are in the North! Our resident dairy loving, party planners Butter Side Up have managed to tie him down for his Leeds debut with a 3 hour journey of sublime Chicago influenced house and techno cuts. If you haven't been down to one of their legendary parties before, where have you been!? Get yourselves to Wire Club, Leeds, on the 11th January 2013 and we can guarantee you a night of unparalleled underground vibes. Click HERE for the event details! 

Thursday, 27 December 2012


Fullbarr Radio launch via Berlin

Well I am proud to announce that we are getting together with Sweatlodge Radio in Berlin to broadcast Live every 2nd and 4th Saturday from various locations not only in Berlin but live from Leeds with Myself & Mike Stockell and even the mountains of Morzine courtesy of Joe White. expect guest takeovers & mixes, drunken jokes, really good music, video streams and probably what sounds like a party going on in the background.


Kicks off 12th Jan 2013

Thursday, 20 December 2012


Music that makes sense #1

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Abstract Animation Funktown ft JT

We like sexy talent here at fullbarr and below is a video containing 2 prime examples, already massive fans with the art of stop frame animation  with our links to the awesome Nathalie Djurberg & label main stay Hans Berg, check this out from Leeds Dan Ellwood soundtracked by Josh T.



It's that time of year we generally associate with mince pies, crap jumpers, mulled wine and little cocktail sausages on sticks. Not outstanding record releases. Then again Soundstream (aka Frank Timm), is a little more like Farther Christmas then your average record producer.

Rolling space age disco is the order of the day for Julie's Theme - accentuated snappy claps and a solid 4x4 groove bring this blissed out number crashing back down to the dance floor before whipping you back off to loopy heaven without a moment to spare.

On the flip, Inferno sits firmly rooted in the funk. The wailing bullhorn is the first sign that there might be an afro or two lurking - The wah-wah guitars and bongos go on to confirm that we've been taken back to 1970's. A hulk of a baseline steadies things before the orchestra brings the beat home in crescendo of strings.

Paper hats off - Soundstream gone and done it again!

Released 14/12/2012

Bag a copy from our friends over at Hardwax :


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