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Friday, 27 December 2013



Now then...it's been a while since we have done one of these! Considering it's nearly the dawn of a new year we thought it best to give you a little breakdown of some of the beats we have been battering in the last 12 months! 

Whether they have been released this fine year or not, they have certainly done unmistakeable damage whenever we have had the pleasure of playing them out.

Vinalog - Rework

Not exactly the tune we wanted to post as it wouldn't let us, but to be fair there is too many bombs from this artist so this will have to do! Basically Anything Vinalog have put out is techno GOLD. Vinalog AKA John Swing has been a mainstay in our record box for tiiiime so it is only right that we include this cheeky little groover.

DJ Fettburger & DJ Speckg├╝rtel - Speckbass (CLICK FOR BEATS) 

This is undeniably going to be a future classic...you heard it hear first. Check that bassline. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Ste Waite - James Dean

This unbelievably creative, yet supremely elusive character is someone who you may or may not see a lot more of in 2014...for now though, check this quirky little number...

Abstract Thought - Consequences Of Cloning

The unmistakeable sound of Drexciya...Gerald Donald and James Stinson do their thing. This one has been a mainstay in every set we have played time and time again. Nothing more to say really...BOMB!

Metamatics - Vanishing Point

Finally...this is something that has given a couple of the lads in the Fullbarr camp some serious joy this last year. A serious underground bomb from 1998, yet it still sounds so fresh to this day. Metamatics, take a bow.

From everyone at Fullbarr, we hope you enjoy this little rundown of our favourite beats...whether it be from the present or the past, it is always a pleasure to share the wealth. 

Happy new year to you all and keep your eyes and ears peeled in 2014. 

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