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Tuesday, 21 January 2014



For those who don’t Bobby O'Donnell, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Bobby O'Donnell. I live in Leeds, hail from Blackpool and I'm a Gemini.

You have been stalwarts of the music scene in Leeds for some years, how has it changed musically for you? Has it been a positive shift in direction in terms of tastes/styles/clubs?

I think living in Leeds has introduced me to different styles of music but nothing has changed, I still like music that is soulful in its ways and that can cover all genres, tempos etc. It's just the music I make and play has a certain functionality to it now. That's due to a djing context more than anything. It's definitely a positive thing.

Tell me about your long association with Mint Club? What makes the Mint brand so good?

The Mint Club is pretty much part of the wallpaper in Leeds now, the club has been going for ages and long may it continue! It's just one of those special places to go and lose your mind, body and dignity in. I'm associated with it due to me being good friends with Shane and the people who run System. They're really sound and they have given me a massive opportunity by letting me play records there. The Mint brand is so good because they go the extra mile whenever they put on an event. Both clubs sound systems are testament to how much they care about getting it right.

You have recently started your label, Strobewax apart from Fullbarr what else has inspired you?

Just Fullbarr mate. Seriously though, I am more inspired by seeing someone excel in his or her chosen field. While I obsessively listen to and respect a lot of people who make and release music, I tend to try to not be inspired too much by other musicians and record labels, as it often breeds an unhealthy sense of competition and can ultimately lead to imitation. I find it best to clear my head and try to do my own thing. I'm probably more inspired by Chris Morris, Steve Coogan and Armando Ianucci.

What interesting things have you got coming up?

I have a release on Catch Recordings coming very soon, which I’m really happy with. It's got a proper nice remix by our good friend Bob Barker. I'm doing the next Strobewax release, which just went to cut - It will be out early February - and Fred P has chosen my tune, 'The Shards of Our Childhood' to put on the 'Selected' compilation for his Boards label, which is out 28th January. To say that I am happy with that would be a complete understatement. I have long been into his music, so for him to want to use mine is completely humbling.

3 tracks that won’t leave your box?

Rick Wilhite - Vibes - New And Rare Music on Rush Hour VA –

Earth Tones 2 on Soul People Music

Vakula - Leleka 2 on Leleka

Finally tell us a funny story?

My Dad was behind the M.A.R.S./Acid House piss-take/pub singing cover 'Pump Up The Bitter' as Star Turn On 45 Pints. It bothered the charts in 1989 and he was on Top Of The Pops. He also wrote a lot of credible disco stuff. It's more of an amusing anecdote than an incredibly funny story. 

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