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Thursday, 10 January 2013


Sublime business from Amsterdam...

Simon Weiss has long been a favourite of ours with his first two outings on Rush Hour, 'Amsterdam Wave' on the end of year 'All Stars Compilation' and a solo EP, contained some of the finest house and techno cuts that we have leant our ears too over the last couple of years. This third offering, an extremely well crafted 10", encapsulates an air of melancholic beauty drawing inspiration from Fritz Lang's 1920's sci-fi epic 'Metropolis'. Teamed with a group of like-minded photographers and graphic designers, Weiss has managed to create something that not only tells an excellent story of their own views on a dystopian society, it is also extremely innovative and thought provoking. The complete EP also comes with a handprinted photo and graphic blueprint from the other members of the design team...Neat.

We wholeheartedly look forward to the future offerings Simon has up his sleeve. Check the full EP below.

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