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Wednesday, 13 January 2010


FBD008 - Robert Cashin - Stay EP

For Fullbarr 8 emergent Cardiff artist Robert Cashin offers us a tentative glimpse into his prodigious talents. Providing two raw slabs of modern house music and source material for a pair of intriguingly contrasting remixes, this EP is an authoritative take on both studio and dance floor dynamics.

Lead track Stay is a smooth aquatic number driven by a commanding sub bass line. With chunky drum programming stripped to its rawest elements, the 22-year-old Welshman allows the groove to naturally unfurl while subtly changing texture through rasping snares and tumbling congas. This skeletal percussive intensity has an intoxicating and gently commanding effect, making for a formidable dance floor weapon.

The Midnite Radio version retains the restraint of the original, extending it to over ten minutes of tense, tripped out action. Unhurried and expansive, the remix explores the possibilities of Stay, creating a flowing dynamic as the intensity rises and falls.

Death on the Balcony lighten things up, splicing up the main riff and allowing it to wind around organic drums. Retaining the hypnotic aura, they open up the track with breezy vocals and a cheeky live bass riff. Finding the perfect balance of quantized strut and loose instrumentation, their reworking brings something entirely new to the package yet stays true to Cashin’s original mesmeric intentions.

The EP is signed off in majestic style, drawing together the collective strengths of the package. Cashin’s confidence and ability are fully evident as Unvial Stars provides the stage for a multi layered attack of warm melody and spacious percussion. With precision and a natural groove, the track takes things deep, introducing new elements at every turn for a captivating yet unrelenting jam.

Oozing sophistication and strut, Robert Cashin has expertly unloaded his ideas into this package. Finely honed production skills and the ability to deploy elements for maximum effect place all four tracks in sharp dancefloor focus. The skills on show here should not be ignored, highlighting the depth of talent Fullbarr are nurturing.

clips to follow...

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