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Thursday, 3 June 2010


HELT@ XT3 Radio DinsDagDip 04-05-2010

HELT@ XT3 Radio DinsDagDip 04-05-2010 by Helt

Some DJs and producers seem to suddenly appear from nowhere, exploding onto their respective scenes. That’s cool; the shock of the new is always an alluring and evocative sentiment within music. However, this isn’t the only method to employ when wanting to get noticed by the public. There’s also something to be said for developing your craft, biding your time, accumulating the knowledge needed to be a true sonic excavator. Whether by accident or design, Helt's musical emergence has been by the latter, far more scenic, path. As such, both his own productions and his experimental DJ sets are suffused with the very stuff of life: experience; depth and stuffed with music’s true elixer: Soul...

From the beginning Helt's own musical output has revolved around more than just functional club music, regardless of whether it’s on the turntables or in the studio. Combining subtle arrangements that ride the deep vibes that lie between House and Techno, yet never forgetting the drive for the dance floor - that is what Helt's music is all about. Working together with other artists is also very important to Helt. In the summer of 2009

Helt released his first track with a collaboration called Amsterdam Sound Exchange. It was released worldwide by Dance4Life with the likes of Gui Boratto, Isis, Arjuna Schiks, Jesse Voorn and Sandrien (To name but a few). At the moment Helt has a residency @ the monthly Klein & Fijn the Code 21 in Amsterdam and works on his solo debut. Expect very deep house and techno with a very funky minimalistic approach and bits of Jazz, World-Music and Soul.

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