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Monday, 5 July 2010


FBD009 - Le Jockey - Perfect Cadence

Le Jockey opens up this EP with aptly titled “Perfect Cadence”. Jockey, like with most of his releases moves away from convention and shows a strong sense of his own style, teaming the finer aspects minimal with groovy swing-house rhythms. The track gains momentum with layers upon layers of clever little glitches and one-shots, slowly and steadily building up a nice rhythmic groove. A trippy synth provides the main hook, which eventually strips down to the main break, leaving a epic, piercing single-note which Jockey has engineered to sound absolutely huge. Dark, but at the same time uplifting, this is proper hands-in-the-air afterparty territory.

Louche resident Josh Tweek provides the re-spin, treading more organic ground, but subtly works in all the warped glitchy goodness of the original. The more dancefloor friendly of the three, this builds its hook around a warm hypnotic melody and a nice tight percussion arrangement. A good tool for warming up the party.

Mein Frankfurter (Est Ein Chorizo Party) commences with a cadence (that word again) of resonating guitar chords coupled with the occasional deep bassy stab, which sets the scene accordingly. Again, big sounds from Jockey, low humming descending basslines and deep echoed vocals. A lot of emotion captured throughout, this track wouldn’t sound out of place in one of James Holden’s finer sets. One for the sunset.

Early support coming from Terry Francis, Archie Hamilton
Sebastian Roya,Timo Mass,Audiofly,Kabuto & Koji,James Teej,David Alvarado,

FBD009 Le Jockey - Perfect Cadence by Fullbarr Digital

FBD009- Le Jockey -Perfect Cadence (Josh Tweek Remix) by Fullbarr Digital

FBD009-Le Jockey & Christian Pollard -Mein Frankfurter (Est Eien Chorizo Party) by Fullbarr Digital

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