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Thursday, 1 July 2010


3 minutes with Nitin

Fullbarr caught up with the very busy Nitin Kaylan, who runs No.19 with fellow partner in crime and one half of Art Department Jonny White, for a few questions.

-What are you up to right now?
Right now just trying to make music, run my weekly nights here in toronto and enjoy the summer!

- Producton/DJ wise whats gong down in your world at the moment.
Right now i'm working on some new music, both originals and remixes, running the label with jonny, we're about to relaunch our site and some amazing new releases!

-Tell me more about Saxaphone Records
Saxaphone was a store we opening in my hometown of london ontario in 1999 - 2001. we ran it for a few years but decided to shut the doors as we were seeing a drastic decline in vinyl sales.

- Whats the Toronto/Canadian scene like for underground musc at the moment?
The scene in toronto is really hot. lots and lots of events happening every wknd. not to mention all the producers who are emerging fro the city making noise internationally

- The best piece of advise you can give a budding DJ/Promoter?
Build your network and your sound. having your own unique brand of whatever genre you're into will set you apart from the rest!

- what tunage is hot in your box rght now?
loving that new art department stuff courtesy of my crew. also all the mfr stuff and james teej .

Lookng to the future what has no.19 got in store?
New releases by no regular play, sect, and ep from myself and an amazing new james teej ep

-and whats the best thng about being Nitin?
My amazing family and friends and my lovely girlfriend.

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