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Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Fullbarr's man with the words Bruno Schmidt caught up with the excellent :Russo, Watch for his first release on fullbarr out soon the superb double tracked house ep backed up with 5 on the money remixes.

What was the music scene in southend like when you were growing up? What sorta stuff did you and your mates listen to before you caught the techno bug? Or were you listening to plastikman records age 8?
- The music scene in Southend when I grew up was mainly hardhouse and trance and prior to that it was garage. I remember listening to a sun city tape pack that my older brother had in his collection this lead me onto purchasing some technics at the age of 12 and I started my vinyl collection of U.S House and Garage a lot of my school friends were into hip-hop and drum and bass. I was fortunate to have a great record shop not far from my house and knew the manager Norman H (StrippedMuzikclub) he was very influential to my track selections back then.

How long have you been making tunes? You been busy in the studio recently?
- Not that long around 3 years or so, I regret not starting it at a younger age. I have been very busy working on a few different remixes for Fullbarr and Stripped Recordings and have just finished a downtempo E.P due for release on Stripped in August. I have also just started a collaboration with Huxley who is receiving big support from the heavyweights.

What do you produce on?
I use Logic 8 as my host then various Logic plugins and my favourite Rob Papen Albino 3
I also use Ableton live for various tasks when producing, I find sampling in Ableton is easier than logic.
I bought some Adam A7 monitors with the last bit of my student loan which has been my biggest investement the clarity is amazing.

When your in the studio making a track, have you got a set formula you usually work with, or an idea of a sound you wanna get? Or do you just let it flow...
I usually have some sort of idea but the ideas tend to change throughout the entire process.

I was a bit of a garage head when i was younger! My parents also used to play alot of soul/motown/disco and early R&B when they partied. I like to think those early influences come through slightly when I play or produce. Does the music you make/play now reflect music you grew up listening to?

I listened to a lot of garage and U.S house when I was younger my dad used to play soulful house from Octave One to Mike Dunn and a lot of reggae, I do think that it is evident from the style of my music although I like to think I have a new sound

Which artists/labels are really doing it for you right now? Whats at the front of your bag so to speak? Anyone you thinks gonna blow up in the next year or so?
Where are we most likely to catch you spinning?

My favorite label is Kevin Griffiths Tsuba. Every release is exceptional, check out the new Huxley release ‘Get Your Own’ out now on Vinyl and Digital. Im really looking forward to the coming years and I think Huxley is the one to watch.
You can catch me playing at Circo Loco, Cocoon and Resident parties @ Junk (South Coast) Junk has the best sound system I have ever heard and has some of the best line ups, this club is certainly making a good name for itself in the house scene. I just secured a residency with House heavyweight brand Muak @ The Egg (London). You should also check out the What If? warehouse parties in London, these parties are amazing and are very exclusive with only 3 per year

Can you sum up one of your sets in three words?! Any words you like!
Deep groovy house

What do you like to do when your not making music and Djing?\
When im not making music or DJing, I think about making music and DJing. Im an avid music collector both Vinyl and Digital formats so don’t have time for much else, I am studying a masters degree in Audio Engineering so I suppose that is my other hobby, world cup not for me im afraid.

Whats the funnest party you’ve played at/partied at recently?

The Circo Loco parties at Junk are the best I have played for the atmosphere is amazing and the people are sexy but then the warehouse parties share the same vibe, I like hedonistic parties, the relaxed atmosphere suits me. 

What do you hope to achieve by the end of 2010?
I would like to have many more solo releases and keep collaborating with artists, I have a lot in the pipeline with studio dates arranged with Saytek, Huxley and Eleven8 (Dubstep), I have some really exciting parties lined up with Junk night club (Southampton) so keep you eyes peeled.

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