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"it all makes for another interesting EP from fullbarr, which we're following more avidly with each release"- MIXMAG, feb 2012

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


4clubbers.net review on Gliesers..

"In a little over a dozen releases, Fullbarr Digital has admirably jostled its way to the front of the queue in the race to prove that not every digital label is simply putting out filler in a bid to plaster the electronic music scene with sub-standard tuneage. Having begun 2011 with the brilliant Emmanuelle’s Party Bucket EP from Death On The Balcony and Ste Roberts, Fullbarr looks east with an EP from Serbian pairing Gliesers. Milos Pavlovic and Nenad Petrovic have been putting in the hard yards back home, and offer a pair of stargazing tracks that form the basis of another solid release.

The title track is a slow-burning, hypnotic cut of deep techno that builds momentum with its gently expanding chords, firstly washing over the listener, then suddenly breaking out into shimmering melodies. Accompanying it, Riverside follows a similar path, with deep, reverb-drenched stabs, that slowly emerge from the mid-range to cascade over a military drum, a deft piano making an appearance to lend a wistful edge. There are two good remixes of Kupier Belt included: Echologist adds subtle percs and leans into heavier techno territory, while Youandewan’s deconstructs the 4/4 into a a swirl of reverb, chords and off-centre beats."

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