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"it all makes for another interesting EP from fullbarr, which we're following more avidly with each release"- MIXMAG, feb 2012

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


IDJ Mag Review's April.

Death On the Balcony & Ste Roberts - Emmanuelles Party EP

"If you dont know fullbarr digital yet, then your missing out on one of the finest deep labels around. Deep House? Deep techno? Who cares.. The bradford based imprintis on fire and lo-slun, dubbed out funk like this is reason why. Its your underground people... use it or lose it." 9/10 IDJ April'11

Gliesers - Kuiper Belt EP

"Fullbarr step up with some delectable dub techno business from Gliesers. Both original tracks are streamlined and elegiac in their execution, with 'Riverside' especially standing out as it builds into a piano-driven groover. Remix wise, Youandewan steal's the show with a shockingly goodcavernous dubstep mix" - IDJ April'11

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