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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


poland calling.

Having landed at Wroclaw Airport, and straight to the promoters house for a round of 5 shots of 50ml vodka... I quickly learnt this wasnt going to be a chilled affair!

First up was the Fullbarr party at Klub Puzzle alongside Huxley and new addition Jonny Cade, pretty great and hazey stuff indeed all night long! saturady night was just off the hook, Das Local a very cool venue indeed.

Thanks to all the Wroclaw crew, Luz Radio, Das Local and clubbers for some awesome times and memories, will be back in June.....;)

Loads of pics to come here is just a few!!

I love Poland, My family migrates back, and forth every year between Poland, and the United States, and i move around quite a bit, when i am home in Poland. Well, Shout out to your team for moving around the globe, and I am pleased to see that you enjoyed Poland as well as myself....one love!
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