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Monday, 27 February 2012


Artist Interview: Samaan

Samman a talented young man from Belfast alreay gaining props from across the electronic scene after only his thrid release , all of which have been with fullbarr. Expect big thinks from this fellow!!..I caught up with him earlier this week...

You have spoken to me before about your uncle being involved in the scene, is this how u got into techno?

Yes my uncles, Maurice and Jim Chadwick, are responsible for introducing me to electronic music. They were into the "scene" in the late eighties/early nineties and frequented David Holmes' infamous "Sugar Sweet" and "Shake Yer Brain" parties. During this period they collected a lot of records. Their collection entailed UK electronica from the likes of 808 State and Orbital, Chicago House from Frankie Knuckles and Armando and Detroit techno from the Belleville Three, Robert Hood and Underground Resistance. When I was about 14/15 and got a set of turntables I started playing all this stuff. I began to look for new, underground electronic music and found out about sites like Juno that had fresh stuff coming in everyday. It escalated from there really!

What other influences have you taken on board?

Another big influence for me would have to be Shine in Belfast. When I was starting to go out, around the age of 16, I hated all the commercial clubs and used to drag my mates here as it was really the only place I knew of that played decent electronic music in Belfast. Back then I seen the likes of Derrick May, Plastikman, Michael Mayer, Derrick Carter, Chris Duckenfield, Matthew Dear, Robert Hood, Surgeon, Ben Sims and many more. Seeing these heroes locally was a treat. Not to forget their then residents: Timmy Stewart, John McIvor, Mark Bell, Phil Kieran, Simon McDermott, Nik Muzka and a few more I've forgotten.

[samaan live @ One, 40 minute set]

You run a night in Belfast , tell us about it?..

Yes I co-run the "One" parties in Belfast alongside Graeme Morrison and Michael Bustard (recently added). Reason for One initiating is basically because we wanted to bring artists to Belfast that we loved. We were growing out of the bigger clubs as our music taste matured. At the time they were also just booking the same djs year in, year out which became a bit tedious. They also weren't bringing fresh talent over so we decided to just give it a go. Thankfully it was well received. We recently launched our site too: www.oneelectronica.com

On a whole what is the scene/clubs like over in Belfast?

For the size of Belfast and the hideous licensing laws/club closing times for clubs (3am), the scene is great. Theres a lot happening, the crowds are among the best and always really up for it. Smaller promoters, like ourselves, are bringing guests over on almost a weekly basis now which is great to see. Really healthy scene atm.

You have just completed your 3rd release for Fullbarr in the studio what do you use?

I try to make as much of the track from analogue gear as possible. It gives tracks that warmth in frequencies digital cannot touch. Some stuff I use: 909, 707, Juno-106, Nord lead, Jupiter 6, Moog Phatty, 303, Korg legacy and Nexus VST's for pad layering.

How do you go about producing a track? thoughts and processes?

I generally start with chord progressions or leads and build the track around them. I'd record the MIDI of the progression or lead pattern in and fire through a few synths and their banks to find a sound I like. I'd then record about 7 or 8 minutes of audio in from the hardware (with me tweaking all the parameters).

whats coming up over the next few months for you?

You'll have to wait and see!

and finally tell us something about you that would come as a suprise?

Nothing. I'm a boring c&*t!

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