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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Artist Interview: Immer

Now Immer aka Geert , is a lovely chap, producing some really solid mature beats, Iam looking forward to working with this darling this year on several projects. I caught up with him were he talks about sucking dick, his production set up and his forthcoming EP with San Soda on Fullbarr......

For people who dont know you, how is Immer?

Let me see, as you've seen in the question, my strange name is immer. im a normal chap from Eindhoven
a small city in the southern part of holland, im 23 years old now, did art school, and im working full time now because i cant live off of music

Your from Enidhoven, tell me about the city, culture and music scene?...
Over here in Eindhoven there is not really a big scene, we have a small club called Kitsch, that is rocking Eindhoven in my genre
we had Terrence Parker, Mosca, Hector Moralez and have some others coming up like san soda
Im sort of resident over there. Apart from that there are a few parties in the summer and through out the year organised by Minstens a few friends of me that did some crazy parties
the only thing is Eindhoven is still too small to give loads of parties and big parties it has to be under 500 people most of the time to get a good ambiance

Has the city inspired you in any way??

Eindhoven is quite industrial and modern, It was build on Phillips and DAF Trucks, 2 big Factorys, so the city gives some Detroit influences for me.

When did you start producing music, and what on?

I started producing in my jackin' days, when i listened to switch, solid groove, jesse rose, jason hodges and some more. In the beginning that music scene was quite innovative for me, but after a little while it all became sort of random and generic for me. That was a point i thought it might be the time for me to give it a try and see if i could bring innovation and new sound with my wide interest in all sorts of music.
I started in reason making some jacking stuff, but i was quite busy with school/work at that time and in some kind of way i couldn't get my groove exactly how i wanted to. I made a few tracks but because my taste in electronic music was developing i couldn't produce what i wanted to. So i decided to get more into music again and start sorting out what my real taste was. When started to discovered tech house deep house and dub house i realized i was at ease. At that time i got hold of Logic and started producing again, that was about 3 years ago. I'm still using it today although I'm discovering re-wire with Ableton because of my other gear i use. I got with a good friend of mine some gear combined and we use a Roland MC-303, Yamaha DX7, Juno -106, Korg Delta and a Novation Bass Station and when it's finished, record it on tape and i'm pretty much done.

How has it developed into what you do now?

I think it started to develop when tech house really got hold of the scene over here in Holland, i got bored with that music really fast and that turned out in my productions. I got quite deep and producing on various BPM's between 105 and 120. As I'm right i haven't even come over the 120 until a few months ago. Because jacking music was mostly based on samples, i wanted to do more synth stuff. I still combine sampling and synths today as we speak but i have to say that I'm more satisfied when i finished something that is mostly synths and self played (so no loops etc). I started using analog vintage gear for producing some time ago as I really love the sound of it, it has gotten me to think more about my sound and electronic music in general. I accidentally start to make my drums sound quite bad over compressed or just out of place. Atm I'm getting more into a bit faster music and more party music, although i think it will always be still quite deep and dark, at least for my alter ego Immer.

Tell me something funny?

I'm saving money to get myself a TR-909, because i think the swing in that babe is just the best and than i haven't brought up how sexy that machine is. But i discovered a quite funny comment on Youtube under one short film on YouTube, it says;

The 9 Is. The. Machine. I will live in a box and suck cock for money before I'd sell mine. PERIOD.

Pretty nasty yet again quite funny if you ask me.

what are your influences/inspirations both musical and none musical?

I think you're always influenced by music you know and who your grown up with . Apart from that i had a time during my ''producing career'' that i did not want to hear new electronic music i liked nor just any new electronic music, just not to get influenced by that or inspired by it. Now i past that period a half year ago or some, and I'm trying out new inspiration stuff. I got a good friend of mine that is really into 90's house and he has got a amazing vinyl collection of it. So when I'm over at his place and we spin some records i always get some input out of it. Apart from that Eindhoven has quite an industrial history and i like to express that in my music as sort of Dutch Detroit dark an deep house music. It's a mixture of all kinds of things

how do you go about making a track/ whats your thought process?

I do have some ideas up front what I'm about to make. Mostly i try to get an idea in my head what kind of ambiance or feeling i want to express or what mood I'm in. If thats sorted I mostly just start building and ad some bits and bobs here and there. When I'm halfway through I always have a point where i need to stop and listen over and over. Starting with the whole arrangement so far so i can edit some pieces, after that some particular moments. This period in my process lasts at least for 1 hour (most of the time a bit more haha). When I'm satisfied with that and if the groove has gotten my chair to almost collapse i move with the arrangement. This maybe strange way of producing will be done all over again when the arrangement is finished. Apart from that I cannot really explain what my real thoughts are or how the tracks are done. It's some sort of rush I'm in when i make music and the rush is always different.

whats the favourite studio snack?

That has to be a combination of nice rolled dutch weed joint and bag of ForestFruitRed Cadilacs. I'm not sure if its know abroad but it's an ace sweet to eat.

What have you got coming up...??

As I said before my Frozen Data EP has just come out on SheWolf, apart from that I'm having my own EP on FullBarr. And i'm very pleased that San Soda is doing the remix on it. After that there will be a track from me on a VA EP (vinyl only) on Courtesy of Balance Recordings. That is everything so far that has been confirmed. I do have some requests for remixes and some labels that approached me to do an EP for them but as I had some bad experiences in the past with releases which i rather not talk about, i'm a bit picky and hold back before i agree with anything. But that doesn't mean i don't want to release stuff, just keep your eyes open for my tracks or just have a look on my Facebook page or soundcloud once in a while.

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