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Thursday, 24 May 2012


starting a record label #1

I am definatly no expert on running a label, but I thought i might use this blog to at least share some Ideas and things that i have learnt over the last few years .

Now I once read that the "perks of working at a record label were almost legendary -- the swag, the travel and the highly flexible expense account" Now unless your a heavily established artist- making money from touring or a man with a healthy contacts and bank balance, its hard to break through and present and keep a float your sounds to the world.

I think its important to really sit down and think through everything first. Money and Time are two major factors, This is not really a viable business, but for me its a vehicle for me to express myself and the artists I surround myself with, and in turn to push the artists 110% into the scene.

Firstly you need a strong name in which you can build a brand, something catchy, not so complictated. Fullbarr was really just a play on words , so i didnt think too much about it, And of of course check out all the musical outlets to see if your choice has been taken first.

Building the Brand is ooh so important, I have seen so many labels with dodgey artwork & a rubbish name, people wont take you seriously and it wont attract the bigger artists to your label or entice the press to check you out, no matter how do your tracks are first impressions are important. Contecting with your target audience is probably the harest step, and an ongoing process. I'm really not into flooding all the forums & social media sites , I personally want my label to grow organically, I utilse Soundcloud for sharing of music, the facebook page for update's and a base to connect, this blog and for press updates/mixes and news and there is also a website on the way.

[ABOVE The Label Logo was created with a very simple outline effect, easily transferrable onto Vinyl , Cd or any other surface]

Over the next few weeks, ill probably talk about approaching Record Stores, Distributers, DJs, The Press, using Soundcloud as an effective promotion tool, Process of putting together a release package and other such crap.

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