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"it all makes for another interesting EP from fullbarr, which we're following more avidly with each release"- MIXMAG, feb 2012

Thursday, 5 July 2012


// New Release .........Nick Jun - Tiger

It may be some months now since Fullbarr’s last digital release, but that seeks to dodge the fact that in the intervening time they’ve put out arguably their best music on good old, solid, thick vinyl. There’s something heartwarming when a digital label sinks some hard-earned capital into a physical release, and for Arthur Barr’s imprint, now edging towards its fourth year, EPs from Luke Solomon and Samaan put them firmly on the map this year, and proved that their commitment lies some way beyond the standard premise of hurling out monthly digital releases in a race to the bottom, sinking the average record buyer in four-four sludge.

And having set the bar high, Nick Jun’s Tiger EP has admirably kept the juices flowing, with a William Blake-inspired cut of roomy house that leaves nothing behind. It’s a rare experience hearing the words of a two-hundred year old poem echoing through a deep house record, but it fits perfectly into the layers of Tiger, its lush pads, reverb-laden female vox and delayed hits filling the outer reaches of the eardrum, never losing momentum and stretching melody far into the distance. The flip contains Immer’s fantastically-named Wankin’ Wobble remix, but it’s more studied than its name makes out, dropping the bpms and focussing on the percs and b-line, stripping back the original’s layers and providing a chuggy, woozy take on its shimmering house.


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