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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Melbourne Deepcast

Its about time we gave these guys a shout.. An ace selection of artists for the podcast, as well as some nice content and its own label too.. well worth a check ...

One of the latests podcasts is our freinds Deep Space Orchestra, check out the interview when Melbourne Deepcast caught up with lads here....


"Si Murray and Chris Barker don’t quite make up an orchestra, nor are they from outer space. Collectively though under their Deep Space Orchestra guise, they’ve lead the way for music of the deeper realms coming out of Manchester since experiencing a break out 2011. Already showing their finesse as genre-benders, the DSO lads have thrown down techno monsters and disco influenced business plus a variety of deep house jams for household labels like Delusions Of Grandeur, Instruments Of Rapture and Quintessentials. A couple of years in and boasting a discography already resembling a career’s work, these lads are still having as much fun with it as they ever did, with no signs of them slowing down with a live show and debut album not far away."

Tracklist: 1. Mo Kolours – Mini Culcha (Beautiful Swimmers remix) 2. Fudge Fingers – Light in my life 3. Gene Hunt – May the funk be with you 4. Chez-N-Trent – The Choice (Witch Doctor mix) 5. Samaan – Circles (Vince Watson remix) 6. Subway – Journey 7. John Swing – Wear and tear 8. Italo Johnson 5 9. DJ Steaw – Sky Hunt 10. Jason Grove – Trippin’ 11. Round One – I’m your brother (Chicago’s Twisted mix) 12. Cosmin TRG – Vertigo 13. John Heckle – Ancient Deep 14. Aubrey – Adult supervision 15. Charles B – Lack of love 16. Wyndell Long – Dinner is ready

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