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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Something a little different from Fullbarr artist Hans Berg..

Hans Berg has become renowned for producing some of the most intelligent, experimental soundscapes in recent times. His latest project 'The Parade' in the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis is a joint effort withthe unbelievably talented Nathalie Djurburg, a fellow Swedish native. It combines a procession of bespoke sculptures of various species with wondrous cinematic imagery all whilst being united by a soundscape of such eerie and perplexing atmospherics. Both artists have collaborated with such ease that the way each piece moves from one to another in the exhibition space is nothing short of perfect.

The inspiration behind Djurberg's creation uses 'claymation' videos to show how humans and animals alike act out scenes of torture, humiliation and masquerade, which further compliments Djurberg's ever growing reputation in the artistic world. Hans Berg's film score is created by both found sounds and his own inventive genius which is something that we can only imagine will continue to flourish.

Check out the finished product here:

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