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Thursday, 8 November 2012


Greetings from... Detroit Swindle!

Right, here we have an interview from two very good friends of Fullbarr! Detroit Swindle is the combination of Lars Dales & Maarten Smeets, two Amsterdam natives, with their musical mindset most definitely set in Detroit,  that have very quickly encapsulated the electronic music world with their beautifully crafted, soulful, bass driven house. Already a prominent feature on the European scene with releases on Saints & Sonnets, Dirt Crew and most recently Jimpster's Freerange Records, these guys are continuing to go from strength to strength!  Our resident journo caught up with the boys to get an insight into their daily shenanigans and what makes them tick...
Check out the full interview below! 

How are things over in the dam? Getting high?

Lars: Considering we never actually smoke, high as a kite.

Maarten: We are only passively high because everyone else gets high. Smog has never been better.

Where was it that you guys first came across each other?

Lars: We met years ago when we were both working to get a new club running. Maarten didn't have a moustache and I still liked to play hip-hop.

Maarten: We were both programming a different section of the weekend. I did the cool stuff and Lars the cheesy stuff. Just like now actually.

I've heard you guys are both mean chefs, if I had a serious case of the munchies in Amsterdam what would you recommend?

Lars: Everyone from outside of Amsterdam should get a "Kalfskroket" at Van Dobben. A fried roll filled with meat ragout. Believe me when I say it tastes better than it sounds.

Maarten: Well, munchies huh? I would recommend a "Patatje Oorlog" which is French fries with mayonaise (yes we like it), peanutsauce and chopped onions. Serious after-gig food!

I'm guessing the name has a 'tongue-in-cheek' vibe to it given that neither of you are from Detroit?

Lars: We actually got a lot of shit about it, especially from people who are not from Detroit. We thought the word "swindle" would define the way we think about it…

Maarten: We are faking our way to Detroit man, that simple…But the weird thing is that since we make house, people only think about Detroit house. But its Motown that inspired us for the name..

Your main influences are Motown, jazz, funk and hip-hop...give us your top 5 tunes that everyone should have in their lives?

After a lot of deliberation, here we go:

1. Slum Village - Fall In Love

2. Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)

3. The Detroit Experiment - Highest

4. Paperclip People - Throw

5. Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

But ask us again tomorrow and we’ll have a different list that’s equally influential.

Amsterdam is a city renowned for its elite house and techno hierarchy (amongst other such debauchery) with labels like Rush Hour, Delsin and Trouw to name a few; has this played a big part in your musical output?

Maarten: Actually, no. It is only now, that we get closer to these labels, musicwise and connectionwise. Except for Rushhour record store, we didn't have any connection with any of the three.

Lars: We've actually sent our first EP to Rushhour but their focus lies more in the electronica side of house. Perhaps we’ll do a release on any of these labels in the future though. A bit of localism wouldn’t harm.

You have recently released an EP in Jimpster's Freerange imprint, which is a pretty big deal! Since your first release what's been the highlight of the last 12 months for you guys?

Maarten: Well, this is actually one of the highlights, recordwise. Freerange is one of the most established deep house labels in the world. It was on our list of ‘one day, we’d love to …’. So I guess we need a new dream…

Lars: This year we've played live at Panoramabar in Berlin, which is a huge deal for us. Like it or not, P-bar is the valhalla of clubs in this genre and we've played there and it was packed. Every DJ’s wet dream.

Finally, tell us a bit more about what you have in store in the live show when you visit the UK in a few weeks time for our good friends at Louche? Is it a full on hardware bonanza?

Lars: The live set is a neverending story. We are always looking to make it bigger and better. At the moment we use the Akai APC-40, Maschine, Macbook Pro with Ableton, Apogee Duet 2, Really Nice Compressor and a shitload of plugins.

Maarten: We are looking to make it more hardware heavy though. WE NEED MORE STUFF! Hahaha. But seriously, we are looking into making it exponentially more difficult for ourselves… It’s important to keep it interesting for yourself, even after listening to your own tracks for a million times.

Check the latest Detroit Swindle release on Freerange Records right here..

Detroit Swindle - Creep EP (Freerange Records)

Thanks very much for your time guys! You can catch the boys in Leeds performing their acclaimed live set in the humble surroundings of Mint Club for Louche's 5th birthday celebrations on 17th November alongside Steffi and Move D! We suggest you get involved!

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