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Friday, 15 October 2010


Amongst the haze of Coffee Shop's and Red Light District's

.....Comes yet another label debut, this time for Dutch deep house new comer Helt.

Set Beat starts off with a simple yet effective groove. Some nice spread out synth stabs give a deep and deadly aura. Helt holds back and releases the clap really late on, getting the dance floor all pent up. Some liquid metal effects and a dark, eerie male vocal aptly season the track out with some subtle late-night flavour's

Mark Brooms interpretation takes things straight to the centre of the dance floor by creating a tight loopy beat to build on, steadily layering with warm organic rhythms and lazy hazy drones. A peaktime tool with plenty of backbone. Hypnotic.

Leeds A-list Techno party System residents Annie Errez and Bobby O'Donnell take the original record down a much darker path with a stripped back, trippy, late night groove. Electro-tinged blips float over gunky, lo-fi screw beats while warbling, palid vocals hover in the background. Wouldn't sound out of place in one of Magda's sets.

After Russo’s Wicked Debut EP Manitoba He takes us down a gear with his interpretation, adding depth with a crunchy low groove, swirling synths and moody melodies.

Archie Hamilton crafts a clinical deep house spin of the original,with some delicious acid undertones. Creating some ripples in London at the minute, he is definately one to watch for the future.

FDB011 - Helt - Set Beat by Fullbarr Digital

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