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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Artist Interview: Hans Berg

The first of many little conversations with friends and artists connected with our little project.

Hans Berg is an artist from Sweden who has been based out of Berlin for the last several years. He approached me with some ideas and tracks early last year and after some hazy nights in Berlin I realised he would become a main artist on the label.

His debut 12" will drop before the summer and will have an album out hopefully by the end of 2012.....

For people who don't know , tell us who Hans Berg is?

I'm a swedish guy who makes music, mostly house, but i also do music for the swedish video artist Nathalie Djurbergs videos and installations. It's really nice to be able to do two quite separate things, because i get to do all kinds of musical styles, and mix them up however i want. There are not boundries in the art music i do, on the other hand it's nice to work within certain boundries as you do with dance music. I do live performances too, which i really like, but i don't DJ because it doesn't really interest me, although every now and then i change my mind for a few seconds when i hear someone really good playing.

What make you get into electronic music , what are your influences?

I've loved electronic music ever since i was like 12, as a kid i listened a lot to the radio and in sweden we had a long running show with electronic music that i kind of grew up on. I like a lot of old school things, i'd say i come from a (acid) house, detroity kind of background, that's my favourite sound. I like things a bit grittier, although for some reason it often turns out quite nice and pleasant when i do music. I think i'm too soft.

And at what age did you think you wanted this as a Career?

Actually quite late, i released a few tracks back around 2001, and then i foolishly thought i wanted to be a graphic designer instead, so i started studying that in Berlin. But there i met Nathalie Djurberg, we started collaborate and i was making more and more music, and taking it more seriously, and soon i didn't have time for school so i dropped out and started focusing full time on my music, which i've been doing for a couple of years now.

tell us about your involvement with your partner Nathalie Djurberg's art installations.

We always work together, she does video art and installations with sculptures, and i do the music. The films are stop motion animations, with clay puppets and such, and there is usually no other sound apart from the music, so it both work as narrative film music and you could say that it sometimes replacy dialogue, bringing the story forward. Or i choose to go against the story with the music to create a certain effect.

when we were in Berlin you showed me the 5 track project could your explain this and how has it developed.

Yes this was for a large installation, with over 80 sculpures, resembling gigant birds, and five films. Each film had its own one-channel soundtrack, but they were all playing in sync, and the five soundtracks together formed a "master" soundtrack, making it into a 5 channel surround score. This was very complex to make, since each film had it's own narration and special score, but at the same time they had to work together as a whole, and it also had to work with the sculptures. In the installation, when you walked up to see one film, you would hear that soundtrack louder than the others. And when you would stand in the middle of the room, amongst the sculptures, you would get the best surround effect. The music is electronica with strings and horns and synths and sound fx and some more things. We will exhibit this again in the beginning of may at the New Museum in New York, and in autumn in San Fransisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

How do you go about producing tracks?

It usually starts with fiddling around with different sounds, when i find a sound i like i play around with it, making some kind of melody, or if it's a drum sound/kit i start working on a beat, and then i go from there, building the track. With the art music it's a bit different, then i start with an idea that would fit the film, and start looking for the sounds and melodies for my idea.

you recently moved from Berlin back home, how long where you there , and how do you find living i such a vibrate city?

I was nine years in Berlin, so it really has influenced me in many ways, i've noticed that i really favour a certain Berlin sound if you can call it that, the dirty house music bouncing off concrete walls. I realize i've gotten very spoiled with clubs, going to all the best ones every week, almost everything is allowed and they never close, that's definitely something i miss. But electronic music is also such a hard business there, EVERYONE is a DJ or producer, and everyone fights for the few spots there are, that can get a bit annoying. But anyhow i need a change of scenery, and after a few months here in Sweden I'm planning to move to New York, wish me luck!

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